Proactively Safeguard Your Brand with NameBlock

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Exciting news for businesses and brands! NameBlock is launching soon, offering you a powerful way to protect your company’s name and brand by blocking domain name registrations by unauthorized parties.

Imagine being able to place a block on your company’s name, such as “Hartzer,” preventing anyone else from registering a domain that includes your name. This innovative solution is a game-changer for businesses looking to maintain control over their online presence.

Why Proactively Block Domain Names?

  1. Prevent Brand Misuse: By blocking unauthorized domain registrations, you can stop others from creating websites that mimic your brand, preventing confusion among your customers.
  2. Protect Your Reputation: Avoid the risk of having your products sold on unapproved or fake websites, which can harm your reputation and customer trust.
  3. No Trademark Required: You don’t need a trademark to place a block, making it easier and more accessible for all businesses to protect their brand.
  4. Mitigate Legal Risks: Reduce the potential for costly legal battles over domain name disputes by securing your brand’s name in advance.
  5. Ensure Brand Consistency: Maintain a consistent and professional online presence by preventing others from diluting your brand with similar domain names.

Secure Your Brand with NameBlock

NameBlock offers a proactive approach to domain name protection, providing peace of mind for businesses and brands. Don’t wait until your brand is compromised—take action now to secure your name and protect your brand’s integrity.

DNAccess and Hartzer Consulting are authorized resellers of NameBlock. For more information and to learn how you can start protecting your brand, visit

Keep your brand safe with NameBlock, and ensure your company’s name remains exclusively yours.